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One Song for the rest of your life? on a Deserted Island!

So listen, I LOVE MUSIC, I have often said if it weren’t for music I would be dead! Seriously, that’s how much music has made a difference in my life! It has gotten me through some very rough times, and been there for the greatest moments also.

Now here is the question, If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one artist, or worse yet, One song to be able to play for the rest of your days, could you narrow it down to one artist? or better yet ONE SONG? Think about this, if you had to have one song!!> what would it be>???

Please comment!!!


For me without question it (I have thought about this very much) would be Luther Vandross’s – Superstar /Until you come back to me.

The reason is simple, for me it takes me through a range of emotions, its beautiful and is about love and his voice is just so damn smooth. I have seen Luther Vandross do this song live and in person, I have seen him several times, and each time was unbelievable! I have been to many shows from hip hop to the Whispers, to Bobby Brown , to Ozzy and Metallica and Guns N Roses in their prime. By far.. Luther’s shows were the best I have ever been to! He sounded as silky smooth in person as he does on the CD’s you play in your home and car!……The Guns N Roses Show with Metallica in Orlando Florida stadium show was a close second to Luther. R&B music , is the music I grew up on, I guess that’s why I choose this as opposed to some great Rock Song !

So What Song Would you bring with you if you were stranded on a deserted island forever?….If not the song, Which artist?

I know its so hard to narrow down if you’re a big music fan!


Great episode of Live From Daryls House

If you are a reader of my blog, you should know that Music is probably the greatest love in my life besides my Kids and family. Thanks to my mother who recently passed away , I was raised on the greatest music in the world. That music being 70’s classic R&B , and Motown Music. through my adolescence i Discovered everything from classic rock to Classical music that I loved and respected. Classic R&B will always have a special place in my heart especially considering that they just don’t make music like this anymore.

If you have never seen” Live from Daryl’s house”, its on PLD. People just come to his house and kind of JAM with him and the band. This episode in particular is awesome not only because its Smokey Robinson, But Daryl is such a HUGE fan of Smokey’s that you can see it in some of their interactions that he’s almost starstruck, as would anyone. Daryl even had given Smokey a demo of his to be heard when he was 17 years old. Check out the episode on youtube!

you can see past episodes of the show on the site





Avian Ft. The Diplomats – Billboard Chick

Song Is hot!

Avian Ft. The Diplomats – Billboard Chick


Review: Ashanti’s ‘BraveHeart’ Is A Much Better Album Than Expected

I have always been a fan of Ashanti, Besides the fact that she is still one of the Finest beautiful black women in R&B or anywhere for that matter, I have always felt that she was the real deal. With great production and hot songs she has always had the  power to put out a hot album. With the music climate changing so much over the last few years , and it being a really “Single Driven” market , the days of putting out a few hot songs with fillers in between on albums should make weak albums a thing of the past. When putting out a body of work the songs have to be there and in this case , Ashanti returns to her former glory with a nice R&B album full of songs and beats to rock to! Check it out!

Review: Ashanti’s ‘BraveHeart’ Is A Much Better Album Than Expected –



VIBE Premiere: TGT ‘Sex Never Felt Better’ (Video) | Vibe

Just When I thought there was NO REAL R&B powerhouse groups anymore out there, Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank Form the Supergroup TGT. Their first Single sounds HOT. I miss the days when we had groups like Jodeci, Dru hill, Boyz II Men.  GLAD to see someone still makin Hot ass R&b MUSIC for the masses!

VIBE Premiere: TGT ‘Sex Never Felt Better’ (Video) | Vibe.


RIAA – RIAA Adds Digital Streams To Historic Gold & Platinum Awards – May 10, 2013

RIAA – RIAA Adds Digital Streams To Historic Gold & Platinum Awards – May 10, 2013.

Its About Damn Time they did something like this, Maybe some independent artists can really make some noise on the internet now if they have something hot!

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