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Baptized – Daughtry | Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards | AllMusic

Baptized – Daughtry | Songs, Reviews, Credits, Awards | AllMusic.

When Chris Daughtry was on American Idol, I was pissed that he didn’t make it to the finals, but I was anxious to see what he did after leaving the show and being offered the gig as the front man for his then favorite band “Fuel”. When he turned that down to form his own band I wondered if his music was going to translate well to mainstream Rock ,  and Post grunge type charts.

His first self entitled Album..was Simply AWESOME!…front to back the album was chock full of hit singles. You have to respect a guy that has a really great talent for writing his own music and lyrics. The Band really  started to develop a STRONG following and huge success  in the world of Hard Rock / Pop music. The music certainly had edge to it, and many songs just simply kicked some serious ass. He wrote songs with Slash, Fuel’s Carl Bell, 3 Doors Down’s Brad Arnold, Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas, and used Howard Benson as a producer. This formula resulted in the first album selling over 4 million units. The next 2 albums followed the same basic formula, heavy guitar , big hooks, lots of melody, and strong lyrical story like songs. The second album dropped in sales to a 1.3 million and the third album went Gold.  although some of the declining sales can definitely be attributed to the Music Market changing in a major way, to a market much more suited to the single as opposed to album sales. His first 2 albums debuted at number one on the billboard 200 and the third album at number 8. To date he has sold well over 7 million albums combined and 22.6 million digital tracks.

Now…that’s not something just any artist can do. Obviously people loved Chris and the band music. I am included, I’m a huge fan of the first three albums. There was no bullshit on the albums, just straight ahead hard rock / almost metal / Melodic rock tunes that really were easy to relate to. The band kicked ass on all the albums, Musically the band is also very talented as their front man is. The formula worked and I looked forward to each release.

Now he released the fourth album called baptized. They added a synth player, made everything in the background sound like its programmed instead of played. All the drum tracks sound as if they were coming from a drum machine rather then an actual set. IMO the album has no balls, All the songs are almost folk/pop driven instead of rock /Pop. DAUGHTRY definitely purposely decided that he wanted this album to sound softer , and poppier than the previous albums. Now don;t get me wrong, I’m all for trying new things, and even switching directions a little bit to move with market and keep your sound relevant. I had NO problems getting through the first three albums from a listening standpoint any one of the first 3 can be put on and set to play until the album is done because they are that good. Although Chris’s voice can make you have some ear fatigue after a while , it kind of all sounds the same , the songs were still strong. This album is a total cop out. Its like he said hey guys I think I want to take any balls that this album may have and throw them out. I really don’t know how anyone that’s a big Daughtry fan can say they are happy with this release. I was thoroughly disappointed  in everything that this album represents. For a guy that really Prided himself on staying true to who he is from way back to the Idol performances, someone or Something must have really got in your head this time because this is not The Daughtry I know and am a fan of. I am really hoping that this is NOT the direction Daughtry continues to go in and gets back to the winning Formula that had them selling over 7 million albums worldwide. I’ll hang on for another release giving them a chance to Redeem themselves. Read the article above to hear some samples of the new tunes .

Mother of Bruno Mars ‘Bernadette Hernandez’ Passes Away Due To Brain Aneurysm

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Mother of Bruno Mars ‘Bernadette Hernandez’ Passes Away Due To Brain Aneurysm

Taylor Swift wins eight Billboard awards

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You’re All Fired! American Idol Pulls The Plug On The Judges’ Table And Kicks Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Randy And Keith Urban To The Curb

ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!….Idol is OVER!…..The Voice is da Shizniiit!


Say bye bye to all four judges on American Idol!

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I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time now. It helps that Scarface the rapper decided to shoot his mouth off and say that Hip hop is being turned “WHITE” by label execs!? Check that out here. Label execs??? Really?.. How about today’s youth who are currently (IMO) listening to the worst hip hop music ever made. I seriously don’t know how anyone can even call what they are doing today hip hop. Its more Pop than anything else. I mean what are the current requirements for a hit song these days?…Dirty south type club track, and some kind of catchy hook. There are no real MC’s left, No true hip hop lyricists, No Hot DJ”s spinning for their MC. And don’t get me started on DJ’s and who thinks they are “real dj’s” these days (more on that later,another post maybe). I mean yes, we have Jay cole, Jay z, Eminem, T.I., and some other dudes that are still relevant in todays hip hop, But lets face it they are a dying breed. The more common is the one hit wonder, one hot song, never to be heard from again. They make one hit and can never duplicate the magic again. Not only that, the youth today don’t care, they would rather keep it movin then wait for that artist to release something new. There IS NO FAN loyalty anymore!….Artists today don’t have huge fan bases that will go out and buy their product. They may have 1 million twitter followers but how does that translate into album sales?

The current State of the hip hop fan base sucks, but that’s not what pisses me off the most! The thing I hate more than anything is people that call themselves hip hop fans now have no clue where it came from , and NO CLUE what real artists are! Half these clowns now can’t spit a hot 16 bars if you gave it to em! Lets get this straight first and Foremost…If you haven’t listened to some of these artists in hip hop…..don’t call your self a hip hop fan! get educated on some lyricists. Big Daddy Kane, 2pac, biggie smalls,EPMD,Boogie down productions,Big Pun, Big L, Nas,Jay Z,Das EFX,keith murray, Naughty By nature (Treach),Public Enemy,Slick Rick, Jada Kiss, Gangstar (Guru), Wu-tang Clan,Ice Cube, LL Cool J (hip hop pioneer), and more current artists like Apathy and dudes that are still killin real east coast hip hop. My point is this, at least during the 90’s and even in the early 2000’s Hip hop Fans still had some loyalty, They still had artists that were main stays in Hip hop and did it right. We waited on their next album to drop, ran to the store and copped it , only to listen to it front to back over and over again. Is there even an artist out there in today’s market that has an album that worth listening to front to back? How many Classic albums in the hip hop genre have been classics in last 3-4 years? Are there any albums that will be listened to in 10 years and still have that magic when you hear it?. I CAN name 10 off the top of my head that came out in the 90’s that are classic albums! Its sad really, that my kids will grow up with no real music to call their own. I had Heavy Metal and Hip Hop in my generation, with tons of great music that stands the test of time. I have the 70’s music that My mother played when I was coming up. I know what Real R&B music is, from Motown to Funk and everything in between. I also have a huge love for hip hop and even Metal. What do my kids have?…2 chains?…wacka flocka?…C’MON!, the thing that disturbs me most is where the big machine is leading us?….I’m patiently waiting for something new I can feel out there, Its few and far between these days, and certainly nothing close to the feelings I got listening to Hip hop when I was younger. When are these kids gonna finally say screw this and go in search of some real music , like the many independent artists trying to make it grass roots style and on the net. I’d love to hear another opinion on the matter at hand. In any case this is just the first of several rants to come about the current state of music and hip hop culture from a true fan of real Hip Hop.

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