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Kanye West Rant In Albany: “I’m Humbly A Rap God. Top 5 Of All Time, Dead Or Alive!” [Video]

He actually said he’s top 5 rappers dead or alive….I couldn’t even have him make my Top 20…AND I CHALLENGE ANYONE that says hes top 20….I can make a list ANYTIME of 19 rappers that would Smoke Kanye West.

Kanye west the walking Contradiction !!Does Kanye have anything RELEVANT to say in today’s hip hop culture?…Does anyone want to hear him cry because hes a “SLAVE” to corporations? he got famous and got millions of dollars including a deal with Pepsi (A huge corporation) and now he wants to bitch about it. Kanye is nothing but a FAKE prophet  revolutionary for profit!!!!!!  you ARE NOT RELEVANT in today’s hip hop Market!…..I’d much rather Put on a J.COLE RECORD and rock to that . YEEZUS WAS THE WACKEST HIP HOP album ever made and released



The Breakfast Club Interviews Jay-Z [Speaks On New Album, Memphis Bleek, Nas, State Of Hip Hop, Roc-A-Fella, Biggie, 50 Cent + More] –

Lots of cool Info in these 2 interviews


The Breakfast Club Interviews Jay-Z [Speaks On New Album, Memphis Bleek, Nas, State Of Hip Hop, Roc-A-Fella, Biggie, 50 Cent + More] –

Timbaland Breaks Down The Genesis of Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail,’ Production Credits – XXL

Kinda cool to hear what Timbaland has to say about Jay Z’s new Album, But he really needs to get off that Kayne bus. The dude put out a GARBAGE Album and had the nerve to call it hip hop. THANK GOD Jay Z still believes in the Essence and foundation of Hip Hop. If the life of Hip hop were resting on Kayne’s shoulders, Hip Hop would be dead and buried with Yeezus!


Timbaland Breaks Down The Genesis of Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail,’ Production Credits – XXL.

Jay Z – MCHG , Classic? or Classic fail? Download here!

I say Jay Z’s new album is hot, especially when compared to Kayne West’s Garbage album called Yeezus. If you haven’t heard the album yet, Download it here

Have an opinion on Jay’s album, feel free to post your comments. Think Kayne’s album isn’t garbage?…Comment here!

Rick Rubin Reflects On His Contributions To 10 Iconic Hip-Hop Albums – XXL

Simply one of the greatest Producers to ever walk the planet!….If  you don’t know who this man is, then YOU ARE NOT a Hip hop fan, or better yet a fan of any good music!….From the beastie boys and run dmc,ll cool j and public enemy, to Metallica, slayer, Johnny cash, Jay Z, and so many others Rick Rubin is AWESOME!

Rick Rubin Reflects On His Contributions To 10 Iconic Hip-Hop Albums

Rick Rubin - 2009

Kayne West “Yeezus” IS WACK!!! ..and Not Hip Hop

Lets be real here, First off this Dick riding DJ “Ebro” from Hot 97  is out of his ever loving mind. He states that Kayne’s album saved hip hop????? What a joke! This dude OBVIOUSLY eatin to much Molly, the album is NOT hip hop!! Its some electronica house bullshit with a dude rhyming over the music. Is this Kayne’s Vision of where Hip hop should be? Where its going or what the “NEW” Hip hop will be? If that is the case, I’m officially no  longer a Hip Hop fan.

I’m all for pushing the boundaries of Hip Hop and what Hip Hop is, especially with today’s current Bubblegum rap artists and all the music sounding like it came straight from the ATL. I’m personally so Sick of every rapper in the world thinking they sound good over a dirty south type track.

I come from the 80’s and 90’s from Hip hop’s birth to the Golden age of hip hop where artists like De la Soul, Tribe called quest and even one hit wonders like Digable Planets or Arrested development pushed the boundaries of what we thought hip hop was at the time. That being said , I’m also a huge fan of Hip hop Producers. Speaking from a production standpoint, I will say That Kayne is one of the best to have ever done it. I respect what he has added to the game and his determination on pushing it to the limit. I can say I respect Kayne’s art, but to turn around and label it hip hop or to put it out and say this is whats hot just because he made it….. is WACK!

I have never been a huge fan of Kayne’s Music, although some of what he has done has been really dope! This album Yeezus is just not HIP HOP! It has NO enduring qualities that any hip hop classic has. No hot beats, No really dope Lyrics,and certainly no East Coast flavor. If you like your Rhymes Spit over some electronic music then this is your album. Can i jump in my ride and bump this album as a hot hip hop album?…..NO…..I can play J coles new album and I can bump Prodigy and Alchemist. At least those albums are loyal to the game!

Kayne hasn’t saved shit!…..and this shit that EBRO talkin is a joke too!…..ROCK BOX is one of the sickest songs EVER created by rick rubin and Run Dmc, and this dude is comparing it to Kayne’s Experimental Egotistical New wave electronic Hip hop??  I personally can’t wait till Jay Z drops his new Joint and Eminem drops his because if Saving hip hop was left to Kayne west, HE KILLED it, chewed it up, and spit it out like he did with this wack album that has thecnerve to have a jesus reference for his title. More evidence that this dude and his ego need to get grounded and back to his hip hop roots and what made him a hip hop fan to begin with. This album is not that!……Yeezus is WACK and Not hip hop in any form!!

Do you have an opinion on the album?……PLEASE let me know what you think!

you can also take the poll

below are some quotes from the people about this album on YouTube and Thisis50.COM

  • deltrae3 4 hours ago

    Okay…. SO! The album’s production I THOUGHT was great! Other than that, when it comes to the lyrical content, it wasn’t great at all… I mean, once again, it was more of him stroking his ego, WHICH is getting tiring. If this album was supposed to be great, then he shoulda been rapping about shit OTHER than his ego. My point of view? It wasn’t bad nor good. Plus people are already doing this, so no what he’s doing is NOT new at all in hip hop…

  • TheOmerShow

    TheOmerShow 4 hours ago

    It was great, every album of his are unique and different from his previous albums…

    anyone who says it sucks… u suck

  • Dre Lee

    Dre Lee 5 hours ago

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  • PLEAZ1

    PLEAZ1 5 hours ago

    Ebro is d1ckriding harrrrrrrrrdddddd , Kanye was brave for tryin something different but truth be told .. “It Didn’t Work” , it ain’t just lyrics that make a good album its the combination of that with “The Beats” in which you spit over. The production is what let this down big time, .. Y’all will see the difference on July 4th MCHG !!!

  • Candace Montgomery

    Candace Montgomery 7 hours ago

    The album is just not good. The lyrical content is average at best. The production is unfocused and unorganized but I’m sure it well be shoved down the peoples throat. Would this album be considered good if this was Kanye’s first album. If someone else put it out? If the answer is no, then it is not a classic. Should have been released as an EP, a warm-up before the real album.

    This is people

    Comment by RedDead yesterday
    This d*ck-riding f*g needs to get off Kanye’s d*ck already. I liked everything by Kanye from College Dropout to MBDTF(except 808), and even I admit this album is wack.
    Not a big fan of him shouting like a retard on a mic with mediocre lyrics, and the production is just okay at most.
    People just need to stop riding this guy’s d*ck and stop thinking of him as a god lol. I swear half of you d*ck-riders would literally suck his d*ck if he asked
    Comment by The kid yesterday
    That album is trash this f*** boy don’t no what he’s talking about J Cole s*** is hotter
    Comment by dodo brown yesterday
    Comment by MafiaMuzik(Producer) yesterday
    THE ALBUM PRODUCTION JUST DONT SOUND HOT!! PERIOD. HOT is Hot No matter what genre it is! And YEEZUS just DONT SOUND HOT! It Dont! Its Not a Hip Hop Issue its a Head Bop’n Issue
    Comment by MafiaMuzik(Producer) yesterday
    The Album is Trash I Mean The Rhymes Dope But The Production is Some MOLLY Music Techno Robotic Spacely Sprocket Euro B*******.No Head Knockers.Too Far outside the lines to consider that Hip Hop.I mean Hot 97 got a Job to Do I respect that Too But Ebro Crazy!!! But Like Outkast! Give it a Week or two to grow on ya Kanye deserves that much respect From the Fans!!!
    Comment by Trend Saga yesterday
    I like how nobody here post anything on anybody else music, or mentions anybody else music, but want to trash Ye all day. You n***** only listen to the radio fam or else you wouldn’t be posting 5 comments that say the same thing. As far as complaining about the genre, I won’t even get into it. Just watch “Woodstock”. Or research the most famous rock bands influences. S*** goes a lot deeper than Run DMC fam. Hip Hop don’t need saving, the audience just don’t know wtf they listening too. The wack s*** on the radio is irrefutable proof of that.
    Comment by joey yesterday
    Comment by D.Money yesterday
    I’m not even gonna check this vid out due to the fact that it says his album saved hip hop…Ctfu!

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Producer Scott Storch Speaks On Producing ‘Candy Shop’ & ‘Just A Lil Bit’ For 50 Cent “He Has An Original Style & Unique Flavor You Can’t Copy” [Video]

Producer Scott Storch Speaks On Producing ‘Candy Shop’ & ‘Just A Lil Bit’ For 50 Cent “He Has An Original Style & Unique Flavor You Can’t Copy” [Video]

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Get In My Car: Inside 50 Cent’s Incredible Collection Of Vehicles [Pics]

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