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Movies You Should See – Instinct (1999)

Before Cuba Gooding Jr. decided to move into the permanent wave of  B rated film obscurity, he actually displayed glimpses of becoming a fine actor who had the chops to bring believability and vulnerability to his characters. This movie in particular ,Cuba plays Dr. Theo Caulder, a bright young ambitious Psychiatrist early in his career looking for a way to separate himself from his peers by taking on interesting and difficult clients. Enter Anthony Hopkins playing anthropologist  Dr. Ethan Powell who during his studies of gorillas manages to become part of a gorilla family. He lives among them in the wild and is taken in to this “family”. When the gorilla’s are attacked by park rangers and are trying to shoot and kill members of powell’s new “family” of gorillas, he kills and wounds several of the rangers in the process of trying to protect his family. The film starts after Powell has been captured and convicted and is now imprisoned in a facility for the criminally insane.  Powell (Hopkins) has refused to utter any words in almost 2 years since his capture and it becomes Cuba’s (dr. caulder) job to evaluate Hopkins and get his story. First he must get Hopkins to even speak! His story is very powerful, but has many difficulties on the way to getting told.

The critics gave this film mostly mediocre to poor reviews, Shows how much they know. I think this is one of hopkins great films that fall in line with characters he’s played like Hannibal Lector. Cuba Gooding Jr is also great in the role and his mentor in the film is played by Donald Sutherland. Hopkins and Sutherland in the same movie? Does anymore really need to be said?…Check this movie out. Its a great film and deserves more than the critics gave it.

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