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To play is to listen. Really listen….

Another great drum lesson from the beautiful and talented Meytal!…shes working hard here!

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Before I started playing all these instruments, I really had no idea how incredibly hard it is to make the sounds involved in the music. Now that I have more experience, it just stuns me how good some musicians are.

I am convinced that heavy metal (aka hard rock), as a genre, is underrated in terms of it’s technical difficulty. The guitar solos and drum lines in heavy metal are just mind-blowingly difficult. Here is a video of the drum God Meytal playing I Stand Alone by Godsmack. Notice how demanding that piece is in terms of precision, accuracy and timing: She is really working hard!

If only I could play half this well before I die…

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Dio – This is Your Life


Ex-KISS Drummer Criss Talks Rock Hall on ‘That Metal Show’

Ex-KISS Drummer Criss Talks Rock Hall on ‘That Metal Show

I’m very excited about this episode of That Metal Show, As I am for all episodes, but I am a big KISS fan and I like to hear the truth from someone other than the Greedy Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

Mylar 03 (June 1977)


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Rick Rubin Reflects On His Contributions To 10 Iconic Hip-Hop Albums – XXL

Simply one of the greatest Producers to ever walk the planet!….If  you don’t know who this man is, then YOU ARE NOT a Hip hop fan, or better yet a fan of any good music!….From the beastie boys and run dmc,ll cool j and public enemy, to Metallica, slayer, Johnny cash, Jay Z, and so many others Rick Rubin is AWESOME!

Rick Rubin Reflects On His Contributions To 10 Iconic Hip-Hop Albums

Rick Rubin - 2009

Black Sabbath, ’13’ | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone

I started listening to this album today, Definitely worth the listen!….Anything that Rick Rubin involves himself in when it comes to bands trying to recapture their early sounds, Is usually insane! Look what he did for Metallica on death Magnetic!

Black Sabbath, ’13’ | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone.


The Golden Era of Hip hop


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Am I Supposed to be a Grown-up now?

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Ten years is the new Forever

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