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Das EFX – Classic 1992 bangin Hip Hop

If you are finding yourself in need of some real Lyricists in your quest for Hip Hop’s Dopest Lyricists and styles to ever rock the mic , then do yourself a favor and go check Das Efx’s First Album Dead Serious!….and if you dare….go further and Check the Second Album “Straight up Sewaside”. These dudes were part of the Hit Squad in the early days and were introduced to the game by EPMD.

Not only did they break an entirely new style when they released Dead Serious, but both of them were dope, If you don’t find yourself rewinding the tracks to catch the metaphors and punchlines then you don’t know what real hip hop is and your not a real fan!

I’ve included a link to their first album here for your downloading glory!  Dead Serious DLoad

They also released this song Called “Hard Like a criminal” that didn’t make the first album, but is real gangster and displays that sick Das Efx style! Check it here….Hard Like A Criminal.

Das EFX – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hear Jay-Z’s Full, ‘Kingdom Come’-Era Outtake ‘Dead Presidents III’ | SPIN | SPIN Mix | Songs

Blaze is crazy for this one!….AWESOME to hear this type of track with Jay spittin like old times! brings back that good old feelin of hearing really good music for the first time!

Hear Jay-Z’s Full, ‘Kingdom Come’-Era Outtake ‘Dead Presidents III’ | SPIN | SPIN Mix | Songs.


Action Bronson Ft. Lloyd Banks & LL Cool J – Strictly 4 Jeeps (Remix)

Just In CASE YOU FORGOT LL Cool J is still dope and the ORIGINAL rapper to make it hot from queens!

Action Bronson Ft. Lloyd Banks & LL Cool J – Strictly 4 Jeeps (Remix) –

ICE CUBE – One of the best to ever do it!

Ice Cube (1990) - AMERIKKKA'S MOST WANTED Ice Cube (1991) - Death Certificate

I was Watching Behind The Music on VH1 tonight and got reminded of how dope Ice Cube was , Especially after he left NWA and was on a mission to prove he was one of the Guiding forces behind the Success of NWA. Cube did most of the writing for the group and got screwed when it came to collecting money owed to him after they became Big.

So heres a Link to Cubes first 2 albums after his departure from NWA. Definitely some Classic Hip Hop!

The Golden Era of Hip hop


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