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Music you should Know – The Low End Theory – A Tribe Called Quest

If you never heard this album and you claim to be a Hip hop fan, then this album is an intricate part of Hip Hop Education! This album helped Define Alternative type Hip Hop in the 90’s and gave people a Whole other vibe to Hip Hop. If you weren’t just the hardcore east coast or hardcore west coast type music lover and wanted another option to your hip hop endeavors then this jazz influenced album was that option. This definitely had a new york vibe but with a hippie type feel. Smooth , Laid back, Smoke a bong/blunt  and CHILL with your girl type music! The Source granted it 5 mics when it dropped and it made Tribe called Quest musical Superstars!

EVERY track on the album is HOT!!!!….not one filler on this one! Just put it in your CD player or Ipod and press play! And let the music take you , Listen to the Humor, the Metaphors, The Jazz horns, The tight drums , and the creative genius that is  A TRIBE CALLED QUEST!


The Low End Theory was one of the first records to fuse hip hop with a laid-back jazz atmosphere. Ali Shaheed Muhammad along with Q-Tip and Phife Dawg showcase how rap was done before commercial success influenced many rappers’ creativity.[6] The album’s minimalist sound is “stripped to the essentials: vocals, drums, and bass.”[7] The bass drum and vocals emphasize the downbeat on every track.[8] Engineer Bob Power has been quoted numerous times calling the album, “The Sgt. Pepper’s of hip hop” referring to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band released by The Beatles in 1967.

The Low End Theory helped shape alternative hip hop in the 1990s. It established the musical, cultural, and historical link between hip hop and jazz.[20] The album was considered an instant classic with a 5 mics rating in The Source. Reviewer Reef lauded their “progressive sound” and “streetwise edge”.[15] Writer Oliver Wang called the album “a consummate link between generations”, which took the essence of jazz and hip hop, and “showing they originated from the same black center.”[21] The group’s “mellow innovations” helped jazz rap gain significant exposure from 1992 to 1993.[22] Rolling Stone ranked the album at number 154 in “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”, stating that “people connected the dots between hip-hop and jazz — both were revolutionary forms of black music based in improvisation and flow — but A Tribe Called Quest’s second album drew the entire picture.”[23]


1. “Excursions”   3:53
2. Buggin’ Out”   3:38
3. Rap Promoter”   2:13
4. Butter”   3:39
5. Verses from the Abstract” (featuring Vinia Mojica and Ron Carter on double bass) 3:59
6. Show Business” (featuring Diamond D, Lord Jamar and Sadat X) 3:53
7. Vibes and Stuff”   4:18
8. The Infamous Date Rape”   2:54
9. Check the Rhime”   3:36
10. “Everything Is Fair”   2:58
11. Jazz (We’ve Got)”   4:09
12. “Skypager”   2:13
13. What?” 2:29
14. “Scenario” (featuring Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown and Dinco D of Leaders of the New School)

Review: Ashanti’s ‘BraveHeart’ Is A Much Better Album Than Expected

I have always been a fan of Ashanti, Besides the fact that she is still one of the Finest beautiful black women in R&B or anywhere for that matter, I have always felt that she was the real deal. With great production and hot songs she has always had the  power to put out a hot album. With the music climate changing so much over the last few years , and it being a really “Single Driven” market , the days of putting out a few hot songs with fillers in between on albums should make weak albums a thing of the past. When putting out a body of work the songs have to be there and in this case , Ashanti returns to her former glory with a nice R&B album full of songs and beats to rock to! Check it out!

Review: Ashanti’s ‘BraveHeart’ Is A Much Better Album Than Expected –



Nicki Minaj feat. Lil Wayne Rap Legends?? What a Joke!

I got so HEATED last night watching the Billboard Music Awards. During one of the breaks, right before the Nicki Minaj AND LiL Wayne performance, The announcer stated “And coming up, A performance by Rap Legends Nicki Minaj and LiL Wayne. I was so angered at what they said that I barely watched the rest of the show.  I tuned in Just in time to see the end of these so called “legends” performing Nicki’s latest single High School.  Now I’ll be the first to say, Nicki’s physical Assets are unbelievable! and maybe that’s the legendary part , but RAP LEGENDS?…I think not!

Lets check the facts, First off, Nicki stole her ENTIRE swag from LiL Kim. Before the So called Pink Barbie decided to display herself in this way, LiL kim did that over 15 years ag0. KiM paved the way for Minaj’s entire style and look.

Second…Nicki Has one platinum album , Does this make her a legend? Kim did three platinum albums and her first album was arguably a  Hip Hop Classic! When Kim did it the current state of rappers in the world were making hip hop History. Biggie, Tupac, DMX, were all making their mark in the game when Kim was doin it. Now maybe she had the Best ghost writer in the world (Biggie) But, she had to pull it off,and she did so in spades.

I respect Nicki’s Talent, but don’t get it twisted, if it weren’t for LiL Kim , Minaj could not exist in Hip hop on any level!

And don’t get me started on LiL Wayne….ok so he’s talented, He might have even put on some hot albums. Would anyone consider him a rap legend?….Did he make hip hop history? Did he put out a classic hip hop album?  (The Carter?) maybe? I’m sorry but I don’t see it. I don’t think Wayne has the potential to go platinum every time he drops and album. Take a look at his sales to date. His first album Platinum, Carter II and III Platinum. After his 10 albums to date, about half sold over a million.  I just don’t think when people look back at hip hop History Wayne could be considered a Legend. Not right now anyway.

I could easily make an argument for 50 cent being a hip hop legend, A CLASSIC ALBUM in get rich, and he changed the game forever with his mixtape swag! Everything in hip hop has changed because of what 50 did. What has wayne Done to make him a legend?…How has he changed the game? Hit the poll , Let me know what you think!



Nicki Minaj – High School feat. Lil Wayne Live Billboard Music Awards 2013 – YouTube.

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