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KISS and Why The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame SUCKS!

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For those who don’t know, Kiss has finally been inducted into the Rock N roll Hall of fame (RRHOF) this year. Although they are being inducted, the RRHOF being the complete idiots that they are have found a way to Snubb Kiss’s induction even in their 40th Anniversary year the RRHOF have stated that they are only inducting the Original 4 members Ace,Paul, Gene , and Peter Criss.

Some of the current members stint in the band like Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer have actually been in the band longer than the original drummer Peter Criss . Also the late Eric Carr who replaced Peter had played in the band for 11 years before his death. He is also not being inducted which is horrible.Bruce Kulick also a long time member , Vinnie Vincent (Huge contributor to Kiss Sans Makeup) all not being inducted. This is wrong on so many levels its disgusting. Was Sammy Hagar told he wasn’t going to be inducted to the hall when Van Halen was inducted ? NO WAY!….to make matters worse the Hall is now dictating that people can only speak for 4 minutes at their ceremony. They are really going out of their way to make KISS feel like second class citizens in the Rock N Roll world.

The consequence to all this drama surrounding Kiss’s induction is that KISS will not be performing in any capacity whatsoever at the RRHOF induction ceremony.  The only people that suffer because of this horrible treatment of the band is the fans that more than deserve the right to see one of the greatest bands on earth perform at least one more time with the 4 original members . Some kind of all star Jam session could have certainly been put together as to not leave anyone out of the KISS family and their current Marketing strategy for the band and its upcoming tour with the Thayer/Singer in the lineup. I should mention here that according to Ace and Peter it was Gene and Paul who initially refused to play with the original Lineup and wanted instead to play with the current lineup. Gene and Paul Later released a statement stating that this was untrue and that the RRHOF only wanted to induct the original members and that KISS was open to performing with the originals, but didn’t think it fair to leave out current and past members.

First off, KISS has been Eligible for induction to the RRHOF for the last 15 years. That being said, As usual the RRHOF board or whoever runs this circus could have saved all this drama surrounding Kiss’s induction by simply inducting them early on after their eligibility. If they didn’t have their heads up their asses and inducted them Even a couple of years after they became eligible the original 4 members of the band could have showed and performed together. They have been eligible since 1999.  Hypothetically If they inducted them lets say in 2003 at that time Kiss was on the World Domination tour and although Ace had bowed out of that tour, all the members were still in good standing enough to appear and perform together, AND most likely sound and look good. Again we’re talking about the RRHOF….the same organization that have not inducted bands like Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, Cheap Trick,Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Journey, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Whitney Houston, Motorhead, The runaways, The Cars, The Spinners, Rush with arguably the greatest Drummer to ever walk the earth was finally Inducted last year.

The only people that suffer for the HOF ‘s bad behavior regarding KISS ,is the fans. Although they pride themselves on not listening to the public , this whole treatment of them really makes me sick. The HOF is not that cool, Sorry but KISS fans don’t need an induction to this place to know that KISS rocked the world like no other band in Rock N Roll history ever could have and arguably Influenced more musicians and rock stars than almost any band on earth.


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