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Happy St Square Canvas Pillow Happy St. Paddy’s Day

st pattys day throw pillowHappy St Square Canvas Pillow

Source: Happy St Square Canvas Pillow Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Happy St Square Canvas Pillow Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Happy St Square Canvas Pillow

Source: Happy St Square Canvas Pillow Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Check out our All things Recovery section on our site for some new designs including this “Hella Sober” design. We carry more than just t-shirts….check out our products


OurShirtsRock Founder R.I.P

RIP Corinne Pinto Sena

So in 2008 My Mother and I decided we needed a creative outlet for some of the ideas we had floating around in our minds. We found out that we could create a t-shirt site where her and I were solely responsible for the content/Art and Cafepress would take care of the rest Printing , Shipping, pricing, etc.

Naturally we started with ideas related to recovery and sober slogans because we both had plenty of experience with recovery from active addiction. You can check out our Recovery Classics section with slogans that you might have come to know over the years, or you can live on the edge and check out the All things recovery section for the more humorous and wild side of being a recovering person.

After some time we moved onto other passions of ours within the site, and started designing merchandise based on some of our passions. My mom started Exclusive expressions for many children’s clothing. I started designing things to do with Motocross and Music and Urban Designs. We have a furry friends section for people who love animals. My mother was a breast cancer Survivor so we have a section for BC Awareness.

In 2013 sadly My mother passed away unexpectedly. She was my best friend in the world and we talked about and did just about everything together. I was an only Child and come from a single parent household where mom had to be everything to a growing boy. As a teenager I put her through hell naturally, but later was able to make it all up to her by straightening out my life and doing something positive. She lived long enough to have relationships with her 2 grandchildren and see me get married to a woman I loved. I worked for the state of CT as a mental health worker and was a professional in the field of addictions as She was. She helped many people over the years she was employed ,and was great at what she did. She was the strongest woman I have ever known when it comes to fighting adversity. She survived Breast Cancer and Lost her Right leg due to Diabetes. Through all of that she always tried to display a bright and Sunny disposition and let everything roll off her back. She was so easy going and ALWAYS kept her sense of humor throughout even the worst of times.

So if you ever get  chance to hit our Shop, Just know that many of the designs there were created by her a computer and adobe photoshop! She loved having this as an outlet and loved the fact that we did it together as a Mom & Son project.

Here are just some examples of the work on our site..


God Answers Knee Mail



Prayers for Korea

Prayers!>..this really sucks! God bless them all


Yeah if you wanna see porn Check a real Porn site! Leave it off the Blogs unless porn is your subject matter!

These are my confessions…


Spock Star Trek – Adults T-Shirts

Who doesn’t love spock!


Ahh Star Trek, the nirvana of all sci-fi fans and geeks out there. Who doesn’t love Spock with his logical surface, but underneath simmers all the emotions of his human side.

Live long and prosper my friends.

Ladies fit sizing: XS – 8, S – 10, M – 12, L – 14, XL – 16, 2XL – 18

Standard fit sizing: Chest (to fit) S – 34/36″, M – 38/40″, L – 42/44″, XL – 46/48″, 2XL – 50/52″

Live Long And Prosper Live Long And Prosper

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