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Jennifer Lopez Outbids P. Diddy To Acquire Fuse Music Network (proof of Karma)

Jennifer Lopez Outbids P. Diddy To Acquire Fuse Music Network.

HEY P DIDDY?…Ya think you maybe should have treated JLo a little better back in the day?….You wanted to be a playboy and cheat on her?….treat her badly?…She STILL finding ways to pay you back and you didn’t even marry her!!!!  KARMA is a bitch man!



Oh my! I’ll sexercise with Kylie every day of the week and 2 times on Sunday!


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To play is to listen. Really listen….

Another great drum lesson from the beautiful and talented Meytal!…shes working hard here!

Benjamin Greene's Blog

Before I started playing all these instruments, I really had no idea how incredibly hard it is to make the sounds involved in the music. Now that I have more experience, it just stuns me how good some musicians are.

I am convinced that heavy metal (aka hard rock), as a genre, is underrated in terms of it’s technical difficulty. The guitar solos and drum lines in heavy metal are just mind-blowingly difficult. Here is a video of the drum God Meytal playing I Stand Alone by Godsmack. Notice how demanding that piece is in terms of precision, accuracy and timing: She is really working hard!

If only I could play half this well before I die…

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Catching Up With Ashley Fiolek – Transworld Motocross

Catching Up With Ashley Fiolek – Transworld Motocross.

iF You don’t know who ASHLEY FIOLEK is , you should! Shes the sickest female Motocross Champion rider in the world! She retired this year just after winning another WMX Title riding For Honda!

To make it even more special , Ashley Fiolek is Deaf! Her story and her learning how to ride by feeling the vibrations of the bike , so she knew when to switch gears is inspiring to say the least. She was the FIRST EVER female factory rider for Honda Red Bull racing!

In this pictorial TWMX caught Ashley Riding her new Husky 2 stroke for fun! For more info you can check her website or her wikipedia page. And of course Twitter and Facebook.

UConn Wins Women’s N.C.A.A. Title

UConn Wins Women’s N.C.A.A. Title –

NASHVILLE — His record ninth N.C.A.A. title secured, Geno Auriemma climbed a ladder Tuesday night, snipped the final strands of the net and pumped it in his fist, literally standing above everyone in women’s basketball.

As Connecticut routed Notre Dame, 79-58, Auriemma and the Huskies (40-0) completed their fifth undefeated season. He now has one title more than his former nemesis, Pat Summitt of Tennessee, and only one fewer than John Wooden, whose pyramid of success brought 10 national titles to the men’s team at U.C.L.A.

A school whose early mission was agriculture, UConn has come to regularly harvest basketball championships. The women’s team again shares a national title with the men, as it did in 2004. Since 1999, the Huskies men and women have made a combined 17 appearances at the Final Four. Duke is next with eight.

For a night, at least, no one worried that the Huskies needed a more substantive football league than the fledgling American Athletic Conference to continue to succeed in basketball.


UConn’s Moriah Jefferson and Notre Dame’s Kayla McBride battling for a loose ball in the first final featuring unbeaten teams. Credit John Bazemore/Associated Press

“We’re in a league of our own,” Auriemma said earlier in the tournament.

In the first matchup between undefeated teams in the women’s title game, UConn pitilessly exploited the absence of Notre Dame’s 6-foot-3-inch post player, Natalie Achonwa, who tore a knee ligament in a regional final.

The Irish (37-1) had no answer for the height and interior skill of UConn’s 6-4 Breanna Stewart, the national player of the year, or 6-5 center Stefanie Dolson. Stewart finished with 21 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, while Dolson contributed 17 points, 16 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 blocks. Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis added 18 points and 7 rebounds.

UConn took an early 22-8 lead with a 16-0 run, every point coming inside. Eventually, the Huskies scored 52 points in the lane to 22 for the Irish.

“We knew we had a size advantage and could get really get the ball in the paint,” Dolson said.

And while Auriemma did not say anything effusive about his ninth title, Dolson said, “It definitely means a lot to him, to have something no one else can say they have.”

While Auriemma can be blunt and polarizing — a columnist at The Tennessean newspaper suggested he was at times the “arrogant, egomaniacal, unbeatable coach everybody in women’s basketball hates” — his teams are built on selfless discipline.

The Huskies won Tuesday as they have since their first title in 1995. With an attacking offense built on movement, screens and crisp passing. And a defense that never loses its intent to hound and confuse and disrupt.

Most impressively, the Huskies bewilder opponents while seldom committing fouls. Notre Dame, the nation’s No. 1 shooting team, hit only 22 of 62 attempts (35.5 percent) against relentless UConn.

If repeat victory for UConn — this was a second consecutive title — has stirred both appreciation and resentment from others, so be it, Dolson said. “We know no one wants to see us win, so we’re going to win anyway,” she said.

Jeff Judkins, the women’s coach at Brigham Young, and a former men’s assistant at Utah, noted that he had coached against Bobby Knight, Rick Pitino and John Calipari and that Auriemma deserved the comparison.

The truest association might be to Mike Krzyzewski of Duke, who like Auriemma, has ornamented his college abundance with Olympic gold.

“Geno, in my book, is one of the best coaches ever, when you dominate a sport like he has,” Judkins said.

Repeatedly, Auriemma, 60, has been asked why he never left to coach a men’s team. For starters, he makes about $2 million a year at UConn. And he is able to recruit many of the country’s best players to an isolated campus.

“It’s like we were going for a race and you’re driving a Porsche and I’m driving a truck,” Judkins said. “You’ve got a better chance of winning.”


Center Stefanie Dolson had 17 points, 16 rebounds and 7 assists for UConn, which took an early 22-8 lead and outscored Notre Dame, 52-22, in the lane. Credit Ben Solomon for The New York Times

Women stay in school for four years instead of departing after one, like many men’s players. And after overseeing his son’s A.A.U. team, Auriemma decided that women were more coachable than men.

“A lot of things have happened to make me think I’ve got a pretty good job where I am,” he said.

Many celebrate UConn’s 2002 championship team of Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi and Swin Cash as the greatest in women’s basketball. Others prefer Maya Moore’s teams that built a 90-game winning streak to the current Huskies team, which lacked depth. But Gary Blair, who coached Texas A&M to the 2011 national title, considers this to be Auriemma’s best starting five.

His reasons: Stewart is the most versatile player in the country. Dolson is as resourceful as Tina Charles was. Point guard Moriah Jefferson willingly restricts her focus to assists and steals. Shooting guard Bria Hartley has a flair for the timely basket.

Of the feathery 3-pointers of Mosqueda-Lewis, Blair said, “Who’s a better shooter that they’ve ever had? If you want to play a game of H-O-R-S-E, I’m taking Lewis over any of his great ones.”

When Mosqueda-Lewis missed eight games during the season with an elbow injury and mononucleosis, Auriemma told her, “Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Nobody else is going to feel sorry for you.”

This directness can be traced, in part, to two sources. First, Auriemma grew up outside Philadelphia, where what is pronounced as “attytude” is a fine and necessary art.

Second, Auriemma said, his parents, who immigrated from Italy when he was 7, trusted coddling less than they trusted banks. He described the family approach as “I’m not worried about your feelings. I’m just going to tell you the truth. What are you going to do, run away from home?”

In demanding greatness, he views himself as a kind of personal trainer, pushing his players beyond the limits they set for themselves. It was disrespectful, Auriemma said, to treat his team as female basketball players instead of simply as basketball players.

Nora Lynn Finch, the associate commissioner for women’s basketball in the Atlantic Coast Conference, said, “I think there are not enough coaches who set the standard and will not lower the bar.”

Summitt set the same uncompromising standard at Tennessee. And while she and Auriemma feuded, and she eventually stopped scheduling UConn over concerns about the recruiting of Moore, Summitt also kept her sense of humor. When two goldfish in her office fish tank tried to devour each other, she named them Pat and Geno.

Now that Summitt’s career has been ended by early-onset Alzheimer’s, respect and belated friendship have superseded bickering. Auriemma said he would take no added pleasure in winning a ninth championship in the state where Summitt built her dynasty.

“At some point,” he said, “you just stop and go, O.K., what’s the point?”

Similarly, he demurred when asked about title comparisons to Wooden. He laughed and said there were no men’s coaches telling anyone, “If I win 8 or 9, I’ll catch Geno Auriemma.”

What he was most proud of, said Auriemma, who came to UConn in 1985, was the sustained excellence of his teams.

“Every coach,” he said, “wants their legacy to be, I was really good at what I did for a really long time.”


OK first off, This Chick doesn’t need any help from me and my blog to get popular. Most of her videos have 100,000’s of hits, some of them over a million, and she has a ton of videos of her playing a HUGE range of songs , mostly heavy meta. That said, I think anyone that can truly follow Neil Pearts playing style is a pretty decent drummer, and following Lars Ulrich is not easy either , he never does the same thing twice!

Meytal (Her name) is not only very talented, shes also not bad to look at. I’m sure being beautiful and having a great smile helped when her videos started being posted, it seems lots of people are curious about female drummers that can really play, especially Metal drummers.

I respect this girl not only for her playing style, but her ability to take some you tube videos , market herself and turn it into a business.  Shes selling lessons, sticks, shirts, and is even started recording an album with a band. The band is really good, and can all be heard on her you tube channel. One of them I really like is a song called Breathe!

Her name is Meytal Cohen and she has kicked some serious ass on you tube , all over her drumset, and next the world of heavy metal  and rock music. Don’t take my word for it, Go have a listen yourself. Watching her play is pretty cool, but hearing the original music shes starting to put out is even more exciting. If you’re looking to start your daughter off in the world of drumming, who better to tech her than this very talented and savy woman who has turned her little you tube videos into something great. When she’s famous you can say she was your teacher! …that wouldn’t suck!

Pre order her album here

Her website




▶ Top 9 – Jessica Meuse “Rhiannon” – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XIII

I’m not a huge fan of Amercian Idol, but I’ve been watching this year . Caleb is the man to beat, and Jena is really a contender also. Last night Jessica took on a Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks) on IMO she really Nailed it. It takes real confidence in yourself to make this happen.

There are a few artists out there IMO (Mariah,Whitney,Michael Jackson and maybe Celine Dion) who should never be taken on, especially in a contest as big as this, unless your damn sure you can do it justice or really make it your own. I love Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac . I can listen to her sing for hours and be totally taken by her voice and Presence.

The judges didn’t seem to feel it as much as I’m saying, but I think there is a disconnect sometimes about being there in the audience and how it comes off on TV. She sang Rhiannon, A huge song for Stevie, and Jessica REALLY sounded great. You have to be really unique to sound like Stevie, and Jessica really did the song and Stevie Justice. I hope she goes far in the Competition. If you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac or would like to be I’ve included Access here to Download their Greatest hits CD called the Very Best of.

▶ Top 9 – Jessica Meuse “Rhiannon” – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON XIII – YouTube.

Download The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac

▶ Dianna Dahlgren Fitness Photoshoot – YouTube

Ms. Supercross Looks UNBELIEVABLE in this photo shoot, HER Attributes are VERY healthy . Is there anything better than a beautiful woman who loves to ride Motocross ?…

▶ Dianna Dahlgren Fitness Photoshoot

Dianna Dahlgren Fitness Photoshoot by Gregory James

We Approve: Eddie Murphy’s Sexy Daughters Bria & Shayne Pose In Lingerie

We Approve: Eddie Murphy’s Sexy Daughters Bria & Shayne Pose In Lingerie [Pics]

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