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To play is to listen. Really listen….

Another great drum lesson from the beautiful and talented Meytal!…shes working hard here!

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Before I started playing all these instruments, I really had no idea how incredibly hard it is to make the sounds involved in the music. Now that I have more experience, it just stuns me how good some musicians are.

I am convinced that heavy metal (aka hard rock), as a genre, is underrated in terms of it’s technical difficulty. The guitar solos and drum lines in heavy metal are just mind-blowingly difficult. Here is a video of the drum God Meytal playing I Stand Alone by Godsmack. Notice how demanding that piece is in terms of precision, accuracy and timing: She is really working hard!

If only I could play half this well before I die…

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AC/DC Confirms Malcolm Young Is ‘Taking A Break Due To Ill Health’ But Denies Band’s Split – Celebrity Gossip, News & Photos, Movie Reviews, Competitions

This sucks I hope Malcolm is going to be ok, sounds like its something pretty serious. AC/DC is and was always a great band and has been so consistent over their career! you always know your going to get serious hard Rock and Metal when you put on an ACDC album! Straight ahead, no BS

AC/DC Confirms Malcolm Young Is ‘Taking A Break Due To Ill Health’ But Denies Band’s Split

Will Guns N Roses Re-Unite? New Album in the works!

Guns N Roses and Metallica stadium Tour 1992, with Soundgarden as the Opening act was and still to this day probably the best hard rock /Metal show I have ever been to. Guns played for a little more than 2 hours , and Axl, Slash and the boys were at the top of their game. From the sound of Axls Vocals to the sound and performance by the band, they kicked ASS from front to back. Axl was EVERYWHERE on that stage and his delivery was flawless!

Not soon after Guns decided they wanted to call it quits and the band broke up , NEVER to reunite because Slash and AXL are 2 babies who don’t play nice together, even for millions of dollars and what could be the biggest and best reunion tour to ever grace the planet earth. Think about for a sec, Imagine Guns actually deciding they were gonna do it, AXL and Slash and even Steven Adler for the original Appetite Lineup – dizzy reed. Is there ANYONE that was an original Guns fan that wouldn’t pay to see this show? Imagine them with a kick ass opening act also , or even a cool c0-headliner like Motley Crue for instance.

Duff McKagan recently reunited with the now version of GnR for five shows in Argetina. Adding to speculation that maybe somewhere down the line Guns will actually make it happen for the fans and the money! In the meantime Chinese Democracy was released in 2008, it took ten years to make and 15 years to be released. If you have never heard this album it for sure worth the listen. Its a great Album , and even manages to sound like Guns N roses from USE your illusion days and beyond. The album is incredibly layered and is for sure a “Studio” Album that doesn’t really lend itself to being played live,(Listen to the album and you’ll see what i mean) but somehow GnR has managed to pull it off because they’ve been touring on this record since its release.

What really pisses me off is that this guy AXL is such a perfectionist that he can’t seem to put together all the pieces required to actually release an album. This dude really does take his time in everything he does regarding music. From late night hurry up and wait for me to start the show ,to 15 year spans between album releases. Thankfully , Richard Fortus the bands guitarist confirms to various sources that the band has spent a lot of time in the studio working on a new album with most songs already completed and is hoping for a release in 2014.

Slash is kicking your ass Axl, He actually goes into the studio and makes music for the rest of the world to listen to!

I think Axl is Uber talented and really want him to win, I think there are very few front man that have his ability and sheer talent. HIS legacy unfortunately is looking like its going to be his lack of music releases! get your shit together AXL.

BTW – if you have never heard Steve Adlers newest band “ADLER” go check it out, its named “Back from the dead” and it Kicks ASS!!!!

The band’s guitarist Richard Fortus confirmed to that the band have spent a lot of time in the studio working on the new album, and that most of the songs are already completed.

He went on to say that while most of the album is done, it won’t be released this year – but did say that it might be released in 2014

The band’s guitarist Richard Fortus confirmed to that the band have spent a lot of time in the studio working on the new album, and that most of the songs are already completed.

He went on to say that while most of the album is done, it won’t be released this year – but did say that it might be released in 2014.

The band’s guitarist Richard Fortus confirmed to that the band have spent a lot of time in the studio working on the new album, and that most of the songs are already completed.

He went on to say that while most of the album is done, it won’t be released this year – but did say that it might be released in 2014.

Duff McKagan reunites with Guns N' Roses live in Argentina – watch

GnR SET LIST for 1992 show

  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. Mr. Brownstone
  3. Live and Let Die
  4. “Attitude”
  5. Nightrain
  6. “Bad Obsession”
  7. It’s So Easy
  8. Wild Horses
  9. Patience
  10. “Double Talkin’ Jive”
  11. Civil War
  12. “It’s Alright”
  13. November Rain
  14. You Could Be Mine
  15. Sweet Child o’ Mine
  16. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  17. Don’t Cry” (Original)
  18. Paradise City


METALLICA’S SET LIST for 1992 show in Orlando florida!

  1. Creeping Death
  2. Harvester of Sorrow
  3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  4. Sad but True
  5. Wherever I May Roam
  6. “Of Wolf and Man”
  7. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  8. The Unforgiven
  9. “The Shortest Straw”
  10. Fade to Black
  11. Master of Puppets
  12. Seek & Destroy
  13. Whiplash
  14. Nothing Else Matters
  15. Am I Evil?
  16. Last Caress
  17. One
  18. Enter Sandman




Why The Rock N Roll HOF Sucks and should be Taken Over! (Part 2)


(Part One of this post started with a post about the RRHOF and KISS being inducted this year you can see that earlier posting here

Let me start by saying first that I LOVE MUSIC. If it weren’t for music and the integral part it has played in my life, I truly believe I would not be alive today. Music has impacted me that much throughout my life and continues to do so on a daily basis.The following is the reason or reasons I really despise the RRHOF and their Process.

Did you know that none of the people responsible for deciding who gets inducted into the RRHOF are actually musicians themselves? IN FACT most of them are Writers or at one time editors for music magazines like Rolling Stone. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t a ” Music Writer” more closely resemble a “Critic” ? Rather than an objective party who should be  making decisions based on Rock N Roll history? You mean to tell me that these people remain neutral and don’t let their personal tastes influence their decisions? The RRHOF  have been largely criticized for letting politics or “Not enough big names” alter their decision making process, considering that not having big enough names would make it hard to fill the dinner seats at the induction ceremony. Progressive rock , many forms of Black music, 60’s top 40,  and new Orleans Funk are often Overlooked as are many bands that are huge in Rock N roll.

Just last year The band RUSH finally was inducted after being eligible for many, many years. The RRHOF will not disclose exactly what their selection process is or how its really done, Or even What exactly is the Criteria for getting the nomination for induction . The only real hard and fast rule is the performer has to have 25 years since their first release. The RRHOF prefers it this way. When talking about inductees to the RRHOF here is heavy lobbying for particular artists because obviously there is money to be made. An increase in record sales for one, and many other forms depending on the artist. You can imagine how there might be some “back door” payola going on here like back in the “pay to play” days of radio and pursuing airplay for your artist.

It seems to me that The Museum and its activities that are responsible for creating more than 950 jobs with an economic impact of more than $100 million annually to the city of Cleveland should really be run more carefully. At the very least the people directly involved in induction process should really have been a big part of music directly or be musicians themselves. I would much rather have someone that has been the president of a record company or A very successful  A&R person who was once an artist themselves handling the inductions , rather then some writer who thinks they understand Rock N Roll music and the impact that an artist / musician has made to the millions of people who’ve heard the music.

There should also be a set of basic rules for induction, obviously there can be exceptions depending, but at least if there were a basic criteria and a real process that included the fans voting on ballots could do nothing but help the RRHOF. Right now the process sucks and I will prove this with the list of artists that are still not in the RRHOF but have been eligible for quite sometime.

Tom Morello (A harvard graduate and awesome musician himself) Inducted KISS (Eligible since 1999 and just got in this year) the other night into the RRHOF. He stated that the current criteria for induction as he understands it is as follows. The artist has to have these basic qualifications to even be considered. The Artist should have had IMPACT …..INFLUENCE……and  AWESOMENESS, and of course 25 years since their first release.

Now here’s a current list of artists that have not been inducted and possibly not even considered for induction, but all deserve it. Keep in mind how long some of these artists have been eligible for induction and the impact they may have had on Rock N Roll. Also Rock N Roll influenced many other forms of music.  These are just some !!!! in no particular order except for the first one , the rest are just ones that really stand out to me!

My number one to not be inducted #1  DEEP PURPLE –  ELIGIBLE SINCE 1993 OVER  100 million albums sold worldwide, Nominated in 2012 but did not get the vote for induction. Correct me if I’m wrong, is there a more recognizable guitar riff than “Smoke on the Water”? when I was growing up EVERYONE learned this FIRST on the guitar!!!!

#2 JOURNEY (ELIGIBLE SINCE 2000)  In 2009 Don’t stop believin became the highest selling catalog track in itunes History. Eight platinum albums, One DIAMOND selling album . Possibly the best selling greatest hits album in Rock History, and one of the most recognizable voices in Rock N roll. IS there anyone in the world who doesn’t know at least ONE Journey song?..seriously! IMPACT?? INFLUENCE? AWESOMENESS? they practically Invented the POWER  BALLAD!!!

#3 Pat Benatar – (eligible since 2004) Four time grammy winner, 40 top ten singles, several multi – platinum albums. She ruled MTV in the 80’S and c’mon now people, HOW MANY WOMEN did she influence ? Would there be a Madonna, Gwen Stephani , Pink  or several other women in music today if it weren’t for PB and her complete AWESOMENESS! not to mention her music!

#4 STYX – (Eligible since 1997) 4 consecutive multi platinum albums,16 top 40 singles and people ALL over the world who still do a dance Called the ROBOT, influenced possibly by a song called MR ROBOTO! Not to mention, Lady,come sail away, babe, and many others! The BAND IS ICONIC!!! are you kidding me RRHOF????

#5 Joan Jett / The Runaways –(eligible since 2005) Joan had a number one single with I love Rock N roll and Three certified platinum albums, who can argue with the influence that this band had on Rock N Roll? Lita Ford? Joan Jett , Cherie Currie, all still currently making music today!

#6 IRON MAIDEN – (ELIGIBLE SINCE 2004) 85 million records wordwide despite VERY little radio or TV time this band is STILL SELLING OUT ARENAS all over the world!. IMPACT???? INFLUENCE??? AWESOMENESS??? is there anything more awesome than their Mascot EDDIE????? when i was a kid we waited for their album to drop JUST to see what eddie would look like on the new album cover!!!…..C’MON RRHOF….this is why you guys suck so bad!

And just a few more that don’t need explaining….Most have not even been Considered yet.

Judas Priest (eligible since 1999)

Def Leppard  (eligible since 2004)

Barry White (eligible since 1998)

The Scorpions (eligible since 1997)

Motley Crue (eligible since 2006)

The Spinners (eligible since 1986)

Ozzy Osbourne (Eligible since 2005)

Duran Duran (eligible since 2006)

Motorhead (eligible since 2002)

The Cars (eligible since 2003)

Bon Jovi (eligible since 2008)

Pantera ( eligible since 2008)

Quiet Riot (eligible since 2002)

RRHOF you guys SUCK AND have no clue what you’re doing!!!!


Kiss Peacefully Reunite for Hall of Fame Induction | Music News

Kiss Peacefully Reunite for Hall of Fame Induction | Music News | Rolling Stone.

Nice to see these guys put aside their differences and make an appearance together!.. Would have been better to see them perform together with all the original members, but hey in a perfect world it would still be 1976 at the height of their fame!  On the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon KISS will be performing tonight! With the current members, not the originals I’m pretty sure!.

Dio – This is Your Life


That Metal Show Season Finale Saturday! | VH1 Music

That Metal Show Season Finale Saturday! | Music News + Gossip | VH1 Music.

This show is the best on tv!…I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I hope they let Yngwie Malmsteen Play guitar again on the breaks! IT WAS AWESOME last week watching and hearing him play, This dude is unbelievable on guitar!….If you’ve never heard or seen him play do yourself a favor and check out you tube to see his shredding!
They also are going to have Joe Satriani from Chickenfoot on the show, Who is no slouch on Guitar either! Don’t know who Chickenfoot is?  Its a group composed of Joe Satriani (Deep Purple), Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony(Van Halen) and Chad Smith (red hot Chili Peppers)


OK first off, This Chick doesn’t need any help from me and my blog to get popular. Most of her videos have 100,000’s of hits, some of them over a million, and she has a ton of videos of her playing a HUGE range of songs , mostly heavy meta. That said, I think anyone that can truly follow Neil Pearts playing style is a pretty decent drummer, and following Lars Ulrich is not easy either , he never does the same thing twice!

Meytal (Her name) is not only very talented, shes also not bad to look at. I’m sure being beautiful and having a great smile helped when her videos started being posted, it seems lots of people are curious about female drummers that can really play, especially Metal drummers.

I respect this girl not only for her playing style, but her ability to take some you tube videos , market herself and turn it into a business.  Shes selling lessons, sticks, shirts, and is even started recording an album with a band. The band is really good, and can all be heard on her you tube channel. One of them I really like is a song called Breathe!

Her name is Meytal Cohen and she has kicked some serious ass on you tube , all over her drumset, and next the world of heavy metal  and rock music. Don’t take my word for it, Go have a listen yourself. Watching her play is pretty cool, but hearing the original music shes starting to put out is even more exciting. If you’re looking to start your daughter off in the world of drumming, who better to tech her than this very talented and savy woman who has turned her little you tube videos into something great. When she’s famous you can say she was your teacher! …that wouldn’t suck!

Pre order her album here

Her website




The best drummer on YouTube

This dude is serious! Slipknot should at least take a look!

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KRIMH, the internet name of a drumming hero from Vienna, Austria, shows in this video how insanely good he is. This is an attempt to win a job as the new drummer in Slipknot, and frankly, if I were them I would give it to him.

It also shows the extreme flexibility of the drum kit itself. Just listen to how much sound he is able to produce by constantly using all four limbs. This guy is so good, I can’t conceive of ever playing like him. Ever.

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Kiss Forever: The Rolling Stone Cover Story – After 40 years KISS gets RS cover

If you ASK ME?….HERE’S one more thing KISS should have snubbed. Besides getting treated like idiots by the RRHOF and their cronies, Rolling Stone finally decides that KISS is worthy of the cover because they were inducted to the Hall Of Fame. The article is actually pretty cool, and if your just a casual fan and not hardcore, you will probably get some cool things from the articles. Hardcore KISS ARMY fans already knew this stuff, But its still a cool Vintage Pic they found of the original KISS members for the Cover story.

After you check out the rolling stone article be sure to check out my personal Vintage Kiss pics Montage over at google Photos

Kiss Forever: The Rolling Stone Cover Story | Music News | Rolling Stone.


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