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Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano Speak out on Racist Conversation That Led to Ban | Bleacher Report

I don’t think its possible to be any more dumb than this chick is. I mean seriously she’s not smart enough to figure out that she could make more money being quiet from Donald Sterling that making herself look like an idiot who couldn’t articulate a full sentence if her life depended on it.

Women, if you want to know what having NO SELF ESTEEM looks like, HERE IT IS!!! The fact that this woman prostitutes herself to an ugly fat rich guy is not enough!?? NO she has to be half black and half Mexican so she can prove to the world that she is dumb enough to trick herself off to an UGLY, FAT ,RICH , AND RACIST married guy!

Her parents must be really proud. I actually feel bad for this woman. I’m serious, when people are this stupid you have to feel bad that they don’t have enough sense or intelligence to try and redeem themselves

Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano Speak out on Racist Conversation That Led to Ban | Bleacher Report.

▶ Supercross LIVE! 2014 – Las Vegas 5/3/14 – Monster Energy Supercross Animated Track Map – YouTube

▶ Supercross LIVE! 2014 – Las Vegas 5/3/14 – Monster Energy Supercross Animated Track Map – YouTube.

With Villopoto already wrapping up the championship, this should make for a cool race! Maybe JS7 will go out on top to make a statement about going into the Outdoor racing season!

Music you should Know – The Low End Theory – A Tribe Called Quest

If you never heard this album and you claim to be a Hip hop fan, then this album is an intricate part of Hip Hop Education! This album helped Define Alternative type Hip Hop in the 90’s and gave people a Whole other vibe to Hip Hop. If you weren’t just the hardcore east coast or hardcore west coast type music lover and wanted another option to your hip hop endeavors then this jazz influenced album was that option. This definitely had a new york vibe but with a hippie type feel. Smooth , Laid back, Smoke a bong/blunt  and CHILL with your girl type music! The Source granted it 5 mics when it dropped and it made Tribe called Quest musical Superstars!

EVERY track on the album is HOT!!!!….not one filler on this one! Just put it in your CD player or Ipod and press play! And let the music take you , Listen to the Humor, the Metaphors, The Jazz horns, The tight drums , and the creative genius that is  A TRIBE CALLED QUEST!


The Low End Theory was one of the first records to fuse hip hop with a laid-back jazz atmosphere. Ali Shaheed Muhammad along with Q-Tip and Phife Dawg showcase how rap was done before commercial success influenced many rappers’ creativity.[6] The album’s minimalist sound is “stripped to the essentials: vocals, drums, and bass.”[7] The bass drum and vocals emphasize the downbeat on every track.[8] Engineer Bob Power has been quoted numerous times calling the album, “The Sgt. Pepper’s of hip hop” referring to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band released by The Beatles in 1967.

The Low End Theory helped shape alternative hip hop in the 1990s. It established the musical, cultural, and historical link between hip hop and jazz.[20] The album was considered an instant classic with a 5 mics rating in The Source. Reviewer Reef lauded their “progressive sound” and “streetwise edge”.[15] Writer Oliver Wang called the album “a consummate link between generations”, which took the essence of jazz and hip hop, and “showing they originated from the same black center.”[21] The group’s “mellow innovations” helped jazz rap gain significant exposure from 1992 to 1993.[22] Rolling Stone ranked the album at number 154 in “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”, stating that “people connected the dots between hip-hop and jazz — both were revolutionary forms of black music based in improvisation and flow — but A Tribe Called Quest’s second album drew the entire picture.”[23]


1. “Excursions”   3:53
2. Buggin’ Out”   3:38
3. Rap Promoter”   2:13
4. Butter”   3:39
5. Verses from the Abstract” (featuring Vinia Mojica and Ron Carter on double bass) 3:59
6. Show Business” (featuring Diamond D, Lord Jamar and Sadat X) 3:53
7. Vibes and Stuff”   4:18
8. The Infamous Date Rape”   2:54
9. Check the Rhime”   3:36
10. “Everything Is Fair”   2:58
11. Jazz (We’ve Got)”   4:09
12. “Skypager”   2:13
13. What?” 2:29
14. “Scenario” (featuring Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown and Dinco D of Leaders of the New School)

Jennifer Lopez Outbids P. Diddy To Acquire Fuse Music Network (proof of Karma)

Jennifer Lopez Outbids P. Diddy To Acquire Fuse Music Network.

HEY P DIDDY?…Ya think you maybe should have treated JLo a little better back in the day?….You wanted to be a playboy and cheat on her?….treat her badly?…She STILL finding ways to pay you back and you didn’t even marry her!!!!  KARMA is a bitch man!


Got A BIllion Bucks? List of All the Rich People Who Say They Want to Buy the L.A. Clippers

Here’s a List of All the Rich People Who Say They Want to Buy the L.A. Clippers – The Wire.

Image AP


NBA owners likely to force Sterling to sell LA Clippers , maybe the NAACP can help him

NBA owners likely to force Sterling to sell LA Clippers | Reuters.

Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling stands on the sidelines before the game against the Memphis Grizzlies in 2012.

So to say that Donald Sterling had a BAD weekend would be an understatement of the year! After all this is America, with Freedom of speech…..Just watch what you say!!!

This BIGOT deserves EVERYTHING he’s getting right now, from the crazy half black half  latin girl (who states she wants to be president of the USA)  half DS’s age that he was bangin behind his wife’s back to the owners of the NBA and the commissioner banning him for Life and forcing him to sell.

The funny thing about all of this besides DS being a disgusting disgrace of a human being, is that The NAACP was due to honor MR. Sterling for his work over his lifetime. It makes me sick that an organization like this will get in fuckin bed with a racist bigot because he donates money! GUILT MONEY, BLOOD MONEY!

Here’s a clue , if the person donating money to the NAACP has been in court or accused of racist issue in the past OF ANY KIND whatsoever , DO NOT TAKE HIS MONEY. So what the poor underprivileged kids can’t go to the clippers game, They weren’t going to the game before this racist shithead decided he needed the write off. Surely someone with some brains over there at the NAACP saw through this facade of a man.

If the dude didn’t get banned from the NBA the playoffs would have been canceled. The players planned to walk right after tip off. Guess you won’t have to worry about who’s at your games now huh Donald?  So Donald…sell your team, be a man, step up and do the right thing.

As for the NAACP… the CEO , whoever your leader is and screen everyone who send you money for racist suits that have been brought against them before you cash their GUILT money check. IDIOTS.

Phil, Knicks ready for the next chapter « | Hang Time Blog with Sekou Smith

Phil, Knicks ready for the next chapter « | Hang Time Blog with Sekou Smith.

Can Phil Jackson get the job done in NY?….One of the first moves he made besides firing the coach is signing Lamar Odom. Was this a good or bad move (providing that Odom stays clean) for the team and the lineup?

One Song for the rest of your life? on a Deserted Island!

check it out! could you live with one song?

The OurShirtsRock Blog

So listen, I LOVE MUSIC, I have often said if it weren’t for music I would be dead! Seriously, that’s how much music has made a difference in my life! It has gotten me through some very rough times, and been there for the greatest moments also.

Now here is the question, If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one artist, or worse yet, One song to be able to play for the rest of your days, could you narrow it down to one artist? or better yet ONE SONG? Think about this, if you had to have one song!!> what would it be>???

Please comment!!!

For me without question it (I have thought about this very much) would be Luther Vandross’s – Superstar /Until you come back to me.

The reason is simple, for me it takes me through a range of emotions, its…

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Movies You Should See – Instinct (1999)

Before Cuba Gooding Jr. decided to move into the permanent wave of  B rated film obscurity, he actually displayed glimpses of becoming a fine actor who had the chops to bring believability and vulnerability to his characters. This movie in particular ,Cuba plays Dr. Theo Caulder, a bright young ambitious Psychiatrist early in his career looking for a way to separate himself from his peers by taking on interesting and difficult clients. Enter Anthony Hopkins playing anthropologist  Dr. Ethan Powell who during his studies of gorillas manages to become part of a gorilla family. He lives among them in the wild and is taken in to this “family”. When the gorilla’s are attacked by park rangers and are trying to shoot and kill members of powell’s new “family” of gorillas, he kills and wounds several of the rangers in the process of trying to protect his family. The film starts after Powell has been captured and convicted and is now imprisoned in a facility for the criminally insane.  Powell (Hopkins) has refused to utter any words in almost 2 years since his capture and it becomes Cuba’s (dr. caulder) job to evaluate Hopkins and get his story. First he must get Hopkins to even speak! His story is very powerful, but has many difficulties on the way to getting told.

The critics gave this film mostly mediocre to poor reviews, Shows how much they know. I think this is one of hopkins great films that fall in line with characters he’s played like Hannibal Lector. Cuba Gooding Jr is also great in the role and his mentor in the film is played by Donald Sutherland. Hopkins and Sutherland in the same movie? Does anymore really need to be said?…Check this movie out. Its a great film and deserves more than the critics gave it.

Instinct (1999) Poster



Oh my! I’ll sexercise with Kylie every day of the week and 2 times on Sunday!


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