What is OurShirtsRock?

What is OurShirtsRock?

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RIP Mother June 18th,1951-August 2oth,2013

Originally OurShirtsRock.com was a website partnership formed by My mother and Myself as a creative outlet to put our artwork and humorous Recovery slogans and sayings on some T-shirts and products to sell. We started OurShirtsRock in 2008 and have been selling T-shirts and products ever since. We have sold products all over the world including Great Britian ,Australia, Russia and of course the USA.

In 2013 My mother passed away due to complications from Diabetes.She was 63 y.o. Needless to say It has been very difficult dealing with her passing and since then its been hard to stay inspired creatively to design new products. We have recently taken down our Domain name site which used to be Ourshirtsrock.com in favor of this blog and our site with our products on it.

I am her 43 year old Son, Nothing really Exceptional about me or my life. I have been in or out of recovery from Addiction since the age of 17, and went on to work in the field of addictions and General Psych for 20 years. I have a strong interest in computers and went to school for computer science. With the loss of both my parent between 2010 and 2013, the last few years have been Very difficult. I have 2 beautiful Children a daughter 16 and my Son 13 from my one and only marriage of 6 years. I am now divorced since 2008. I love this blog, and writing about things that interest me or that I’m passionate about. Hope you enjoy it also. Please take a look at some of the products My Mother and I created, and that I continue to create.

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This blog is not only about sharing and selling our products to the world,Its about my life and anything that moves or interests me . I have just recently started taking this Blog more seriously and hope to build it up to some kind of respectable level, so people can visit and enjoy what we have to say and offer here.

We offer not just T-shirts, but all kinds of merchandise including, cell phone cases, pillows,mouse pads, ipod and ipad cases,blankets,bedspreads,plates,posters,coffee mugs,hats, shoes,scarfs,bandannas and many other types of merchandise you can customize. We offer not only Clothing for adults, but Children too!

All of our designs are original artwork made in computer graphic programs such as Paintshop pro and Adobe Photoshop. We use a Print on demand company called Cafepress who takes care of our orders ,printing and shipping. This leaves OSR with more time to be creative. If you are in recovery of any type, Please View our product site under ALL THINGS RECOVERY, OR RECOVERY CLASSICS.

Please look around and let us know if there is something special you would like to see on our site. We are happy to accommodate your requests! Below is just a tiny sample of some of the designs we offer on our product site.

If you are interested in Children’s clothing specifically please check out Exclusive Expressions completely designed by my mother before her passing.

324165771v3_240x240_Front_Color-White 339429259v1_480x480_Front_Color-White 603133793v2147483647_240x240_Front_Color-Black american_idlejpg_mousepad breast_cancer_awareness2_2000x2000png_iphone_case eat_sleep_ride_2013_long_sleeve_tshirt hvd_2000x2000png_t live_the_miracle2000x2000png_shirt ride_red_2013_hoodie spirituality_vs_religion_t_shirt-r9d2a1ce5bcee40fc803a5562977bbaa5_804gm_525 survivor_2000x2000png_dark_tshirt 12879556.9990747 12879556.9990861 12879556.9992951 12879556.9993745 12879556.9993900 dreams_dont_have_tee dreams_dont_have_womens_tank_top

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