Cell phones, Texting and why are you CALLING ME?

So I just read a post on another blog about cell phones , text, and actual land line phone calls which you can read here.

The blog was all about a person getting a an actual call from a friend he hadn’t heard from in a while. He was shocked that the person decided to actually place a phone call instead of using a more than common text message. The friend stated that he was calling to catch up and just to say hello. The person receiving the call not being a good “Phone person” wondered why his friend didn’t just text him instead of making such an Intimate interpersonal move as wanting to actually speak to this his friend. The entire subject matter of this post really Irks me.

Have we really come that far down the technology pipeline , in that an actual call from a friend that wants to actually speak to you is seen as uncommon, unjustified, or annoying  for wanting to say hello. Now i can understand, if your a guy with a job who spends a majority of your time on phone selling something or speaking to clients 8 out of 10 hours a day , I sympathize with your annoyance in that situation. Anything short of that scenario to me is really sad. My ex-wife is famous for this text only move because it allows her to get everything she wanted to say off her chest regardless of consequence and with no chance of rebuttal from the other party involved (more often that not, me) . Excuse me if when considering an important subject matter like my kids for instance , I prefer speaking to an actual voice rather than tapping little buttons on a little box with light that most of the time i would like to crush to begin with. In this century we are just getting further and further away from any kind of intimacy or learning about how to form interpersonal relationships with people. For the record I have always supported technology, and I’m always the first in my family to help advance everyone else when it comes to computers, online stuff , and basically anything tech related. Most people have preferred to do without land lines in their homes anymore, which makes sense. We used to keep one for emergencies only but have since moved away from that idea.

Look I get it, the days of you not being home and missing a call, having to search for a payphone to use, or making sure your number is not listed for the people you don’t want to call you can’t find you.  I’m not crazy about talking on the phone either , so call me old fashioned but I still prefer speaking to a friend and actually hearing their voice if its someone I haven’t spoken to in a while and wants to catch up. Save the text messages for business like things and use actual voice for personal whenever possible would be my advice to someone growing up in this century! Here’s a newsflash for you, NO ONE WILL remember what you tweeted ,Posted on your facebook page , or Instagramed or texted to someone when your lying on your death bed, or have passed away. They might however remember that conversation they had with you In person or :::GASP:::: on the phone that time when you were supporting them through a difficult time! What do you think???



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  1. Good post. It all kind of falls under what you started with, a lack of interpersonal relationship skills. And of course, what you touched on with your ex-wife, lack of accountability when it’s in written form vs. verbal. These things are lacking, i want to say in just the current generation, but really anyone these days who considers phone calls a hassle. That’s not to say who prefers them because there is a difference. I prefer anything written over phone call, but I do not consider a phone call a hassle or annoyance. It’s merely the product of living in a house with bad cell service for three years combined with having young children. Made making an actual phone call a nightmare.


  2. Well see , now having bad cell service and preferring something written in that situation makes sense. Not wanting an old friend to actually speak to you and viewing the voice call as a hassle is something entirely different.


  3. First, thanks for the linkback. Second, you gotta lighten up a little. Don’t be so easily irked.

    My post was under the category of “Humor.” I intended it to be tongue-in-cheek. It was my attempt to be comical or amusing by taking something in everyday life and applying exaggeration and narrative license. I actually did receive a call from an old friend with whom I hadn’t spoken for a while and I was surprised when I received the call. But he and I did have a very pleasant conversation that lasted for about 15 minutes. It was nothing at all like the one I related in my post. But what’s the fun in that?

    We all apply technology in ways that suit us. Some prefer using their phones for texting, others would rather have verbal conversations on them. I found a bit of humor in the shift from speaking to texting on phones and decided to write a post about it.

    Sorry if my post pissed you off.


    • OH no man…Hey, I am all for humor,fun and sarcasm, please don’t take the post personal or as a reflection about how I feel about you. Your post just gave me food for thought, because many people these days are EXACTLY as I described in my post. To me its just sad in many ways that our society has become so impersonal in a lot of situations where you used to be forced to interact with other humans in more intimate ways. =)


  4. Understood…and thanks for the clarification…and for your comments back on my post.


  5. I loathe verbal chit-chat – with or without a phone. Spoken words seldom come out the way I intend. Phones make it so much worse.

    Chit-chat in written form is so much easier for me. It’s doesn’t matter if I take a minute or two to complete a sentence. I can edit and re-edit what I have written until I am sure it conveys what I intend. Can’t do that when speaking.


  6. I can see both sides of this one. It’s a shame to lose true interaction to technology. However, on the introvert scale of 1 to 10, I’m an 11, so I prefer typing over talking. But I’ve rubbed a lot of people wrong, unintentionally of course, by not hiding that very well.


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