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OK first off, This Chick doesn’t need any help from me and my blog to get popular. Most of her videos have 100,000’s of hits, some of them over a million, and she has a ton of videos of her playing a HUGE range of songs , mostly heavy meta. That said, I think anyone that can truly follow Neil Pearts playing style is a pretty decent drummer, and following Lars Ulrich is not easy either , he never does the same thing twice!

Meytal (Her name) is not only very talented, shes also not bad to look at. I’m sure being beautiful and having a great smile helped when her videos started being posted, it seems lots of people are curious about female drummers that can really play, especially Metal drummers.

I respect this girl not only for her playing style, but her ability to take some you tube videos , market herself and turn it into a business.  Shes selling lessons, sticks, shirts, and is even started recording an album with a band. The band is really good, and can all be heard on her you tube channel. One of them I really like is a song called Breathe!

Her name is Meytal Cohen and she has kicked some serious ass on you tube , all over her drumset, and next the world of heavy metal  and rock music. Don’t take my word for it, Go have a listen yourself. Watching her play is pretty cool, but hearing the original music shes starting to put out is even more exciting. If you’re looking to start your daughter off in the world of drumming, who better to tech her than this very talented and savy woman who has turned her little you tube videos into something great. When she’s famous you can say she was your teacher! …that wouldn’t suck!

Pre order her album here

Her website




The best drummer on YouTube

This dude is serious! Slipknot should at least take a look!

Benjamin Greene's Blog

KRIMH, the internet name of a drumming hero from Vienna, Austria, shows in this video how insanely good he is. This is an attempt to win a job as the new drummer in Slipknot, and frankly, if I were them I would give it to him.

It also shows the extreme flexibility of the drum kit itself. Just listen to how much sound he is able to produce by constantly using all four limbs. This guy is so good, I can’t conceive of ever playing like him. Ever.

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50 Cent – ‘”SMOKE” Feat. Trey Songz (Produced by DRE)

THIS SONG IS A SMASH!!!!   #AnimalAmbition


50 Cent – ‘Smoke’ Feat. Trey Songz Full Version
smoke feat try songz 500x500

Kiss Forever: The Rolling Stone Cover Story – After 40 years KISS gets RS cover

If you ASK ME?….HERE’S one more thing KISS should have snubbed. Besides getting treated like idiots by the RRHOF and their cronies, Rolling Stone finally decides that KISS is worthy of the cover because they were inducted to the Hall Of Fame. The article is actually pretty cool, and if your just a casual fan and not hardcore, you will probably get some cool things from the articles. Hardcore KISS ARMY fans already knew this stuff, But its still a cool Vintage Pic they found of the original KISS members for the Cover story.

After you check out the rolling stone article be sure to check out my personal Vintage Kiss pics Montage over at google Photos

Kiss Forever: The Rolling Stone Cover Story | Music News | Rolling Stone.


“Vinnie Paul On The 20th Anniversary Of Far Beyond Driven” by Vinnie Paul | Show Clip – Web Exclusive |

“Vinnie Paul On The 20th Anniversary Of Far Beyond Driven” by Vinnie Paul | Show Clip – Web Exclusive |

Vinnie Paul

Cian46 Throw Blanket > From MotoCrossRocks

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Monday Conversation: James Stewart – Racer X Online

Monday Conversation: James Stewart – Racer X Online.

So happy JS7 is kickin ass!! …C’MON HOUSTON!!!!

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Supercross LIVE! 2014 – St. Louis 3/29/14 – Monster Energy Supercross Animated Track Map

Can Stewart Do it again?…Track looks sick, LOOOOONG start on this track. The Start is gonna be Everything for this race.

Supercross LIVE! 2014 – St. Louis 3/29/14 – Monster Energy

Supercross Animated Track Map – YouTube.


Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul And Yngwie Rock Next That Metal Show Episode! Free Winery Dogs Download

Winery Dogs, Vinnie Paul And Yngwie Rock Next That Metal Show Episode! 

If you have never heard of  THE WINERY DOGS then you are seriously missing out on one of the sickest bands to come around in a long time! Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen Make up this Trio of  A classic Rock type band.

Think Led Zeppelin meets Alice in Chains and SoundGarden with some Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz and Black Crowes influence. Some of the Former bands these dudes were associated with and played in, Mr Big, David Lee Roth, Poison, Dream Theater.

Billy Sheehan is in my opinion one of the greatest Bass  players to Ever walk earth and Portnoy plays with the same kind raw and energetic emotion that a young Neil Peart played with, And Kotzen Kills it on every song! These dudes are SERIOUS! ….one of the best bands I’ve heard in a LONG LONG TIME! Check out That Metal Show this Saturday To find out more about them.

Also Vinnie Paul from HELL YEAH(formerly of Pantera) will be there too! AND fuckin YNGWIE F***ING MALMSTEEN!!!playing guitar to the breaks. If you have never heard Yngwie play , you haven’t Lived.  Seriously probably one of the top ten guitarists in History. He’s that good.

In the mean time I’m gifting you the DOWNLOAD of their debut Album.


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